Save lives by monitoring your blind spots! offers you innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the risk of vehicle / pedestrian collision. Our systems are expendable and adapted to each environment.

LifeGuard is already available in three versions for three different environments:

No need for additional wearable devices

Runs on the vehicle / machine energy.
Not battery dependant.

Works in all environments, including: tunnel, covered trenches, industrial buildings.

For sale only.

Construction Site

Prevent accidents and save lives on your construction sites!

This device is a real driving support for the machine operator (excavator, grader, loader, etc.) It allows him to get an alert that one or more people (from the worksite or the public) are in a dangerous zone, close to the machine. It eases the driver’s maneuvers because pedestrians are informed in real time, thanks to an external alarm.

Urban Areas

Secure areas at risk in urban areas

This device is a real driving support for the bus/car driver. All blind spots are covered by our device. Whether driving in reverse, or making a right or left turn, the driver is notified that a pedestrian or a 2-wheeler user is in a dangerous zone, close to the bus/car.

Also, it eases the driver’s maneuvers because pedestrian are informed in real time, thanks to an external alarm, that they are in a dangerous area.


Optimize the safety of your warehouse’s operators

This device is a real support for the driver of the forklift, as it informs him that one or more people are in a dangerous zone, close to the forklift.

Also, it eases the maneuvers of the operators because pedestrian are informed in real time, thanks to an external light and sound alarm, that they are in a danger zone.

Low cost

Our device works without any clothing constraint. Once the detection area is set up, no additional setting is needed (shapes to be detected …) it’s a plug&play solution!

Avoid collisions

Prevent machine and pedestrian collisions on construction sites and in urban areas, but also prevent collisions between trucks and two-wheeled users / pedestrians in urban areas.

Drivers tranquility

Peace of mind for the driver in his cabin thanks to the double protection of the system: an alarm (both sound and light) inside the cabin but also for the pedestrian who moves away from the machine when entering the detection area .

Prevent the risk of accidents

Driver Status Monitoring

LifeGuard can be a driver condition monitoring tool. An alert can be triggered if a phone call is made while driving or if the driver smokes while driving. It is also possible to detect the driver drowsiness.

The device also warns the driver if driving too close behind another car or if the vehicle is beginning to leave its lane.

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Fast & easy setup

No setup required for pedestrian detection

No need for users to wear any kind of sensor or chip

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    Mobile App

    LifeGuard in action

    Once the cameras are installed on the vehicle, the configuration of the detection areas around the vehicle are is done via the mobile app. For one vehicle, the app enables the set up of up to 4 cameras. The width of the detection area is customizable, to fit different types of vehicles. The application also allows to adjust the alarm volume, to setup the display options as well as recording options (extraction of video streams and detection video streams).

    A collision risk detection and warning system

    The need

    Vehicle-pedestrian collisions represent a major risk of fatalities and serious accidents on construction sites and on industrial sites.

    Annual statistics in France:

    • 10 fatal accidents
    • 100 accidents with permanent disability
    • 1000 accidents related to paid sick leave
    • 20,000 Almost accidents with high severity potential

    Human Centric AI

    AI to save lives

    The system, algorithms based, detects only humans. The pedestrian recognition is neither dependent on their postures (standing, lying down…), nor on their behavior (static, dynamic…), or their clothing ( with or without helmet, with or without vest…).
    This technology is based on Deep Learning, the device becomes more and more “intelligent”.
    Also, there is no setup required for pedestrian detection, everything is automatic.

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