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TGuard is a connected system that prevents fuel goods theft in road freight transport. Thanks to smart devices, you will be able to detect intrusions near the parked truck.

Main features

TGuard is a simple and effective solution to secure trucks on rest areas and protect them against cargo and fuel theft.


The driver is alerted by a double signal (sound and red/orange light)

The thief is alerted by a double signal (sound and red light)

The driver visual assistance is preserved.


Customizable detection area (up to 3 detection zones)


The cameras are mounted in the back, on the sides and/or in the front of the vehicle.

The detected pedestrians are easily identified by the driver on the LCD screen, as a yellow frame surrounds the intruder(s)


Continuous video recordings of all detections The GPS position can also be recorded


Volume control of the internal and external alarm from the mobile application.


Technical description

This detection and prevention system, simultaneously alerts ( via both sound and visual alarm) the driver and the thief as soon as he enters an area defined as dangerous.

Runs on 12 volts or 24 volts

Runs on external battery

Works at night (940 IR, 8-10 meters)

Works under extreme weather conditions, IP68 water and dust resistant (cold, heat, rain, snow, strong wind)

Shocks and vibrations resistant

Wide angle camera (over 150°)

When the device is active, the driver is notified by a visual signal (green light)

The driver is alerted by a visual signal (red or orange light depending on the distance) that one or more intruders are in the detection area.

The detection system can be activated when shifting to reverse, when using blinkers, when driving, etc... (this setting can be inclusive)

Unité centrale : un slot permettant l’intrusion d'une carte SD 256go. 1 entrée clef USB

Tguard Kit

TGuard Safe Tank & Safe Freight Kit

The TGuard basic kit includes a central unit, an AHD camera, an LCD screen, an external alarm and an internal alarm. You also get the mobile application thatallows you to configure the detection areas of the system. In any environment, no additional wearable device is required for pedestrians.

As an option, you can add: 4G connection / data / kpi, GPS and / or the possibility to extend a 360 ° detection.

In addition, it is possible to combine this system with LifeGuard Road (by selecting the setup detection areas)

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No setup required for human recognition

No need for users to wear any kind of sensor or chip

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